Digital Marketing Grant Available for Small Businesses in Massachusetts

Funding for websites available through digital capabilities grant

In 2021, over $3 million was made available to small business owners to pursue a digital development plan through the Empower Digital Grant. This grant program provides funding up to $5,000 for the needs of Massachusetts-based small businesses owned by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals seeking tools and services to develop their digital capabilities. Any small business can apply, and additional consideration will be given to businesses owned by women, minorities, immigrants, non-native English speakers, U.S. Military Veterans, disabled individuals, LGBTQ+, low-to-moderate income owners, and socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.

Funding can be used to cover, among other things:

Designers (Graphic/Motion) 

Digital Marketing Strategists 

Social Media Strategists 

Website/Content Developers

The Empower Digital Grant is open to participants who meet the following requirements. Eligible applicants must be a small business that:  

  • Is based and operating within Massachusetts
  • Is employing 1-20 FTE employees (including 1099s)
  • Is the business owners’ primary source of income 
  • Has an annual revenue not exceeding $2,500,000 
  • Has completed and submitted the Digital Assessment to their SBTA Sponsor for review 
  • Has been in business for a minimum of one year at the time of application 
  • Is NOT owned by someone employed by the sponsoring SBTA
  • Is NOT a nonprofit, not-for-profit, or charitable organization 
  • Is NOT a business supplying digital services to other businesses (e.g. website design/development, SEO, programming) 
  • Is NOT a franchise with more than 2 locations, including those individually owned-and-operated (Franchises with up to 2 locations will be considered, but MGCC reserves the right to limit grant funding to one location)  
  • Is NOT a real estate rental/sales business 
  • Is NOT a lobbyist 
  • Is NOT a cannabis related business 

If you meet the following criteria, please contact EJM Design about putting together a proposal for your business to apply for this grant!

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