Oliver’s Farmstand


Oliver’s Farmstand is a self-serve farmstand in Goshen, MA. The owner is passionate about bringing goods from local farms directly to the consumer, and has created a roadside farm-to-table grocery shopping experience with everything you need for a complete meal. Her old website was DIY’ed and wasn’t serving her business anymore, so we created a new site that highlights her partner farms and includes a blog where news and events can be posted to keep customers up to date with happenings at the farmstand.


Along with the new website, we also integrated email marketing software on the site so that the owner can start building a mailing list. I always recommend doing this even if you don’t have any intention of doing email marketing anytime soon. This way you’re slowly building a list with zero effort, and if/when you do decide to start doing newsletters or other email marketing, you already have an audience!

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I’ve been riding my whole life, and like to take my horse Lilly out on trail rides behind our house – along with our two goats!

-Emily King, owner