Region 6 AQHA

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Region 6 AQHA is an equine organization that puts on the largest Quarter Horse show in the Northeast every year.  Their old website was somewhat difficult to use, not optimized for mobile, and it was difficult to upload and find the results from each day of the horse show.  The new website needed to be attractive and easy to use.  


This website got a complete redesign and some major upgrades.  The design is clean and modern.  All of the horse show information is readily available for exhibitors to download from the homepage.  We added an email collection form and dropdown tabs on the results page to keep the results from each day organized and easy to find.  The sitemap was also reconfigured with the user in mind; making it easier to find what you’re looking for on the website faster.

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I’ve been riding my whole life, and like to take my horse Lilly out on trail rides behind our house – along with our two goats!

-Emily King, owner