Flora-ly Linda


Linda of Flora-ly Linda has been creating bespoke, heirloom botanical art for decades. Her floral preservation studio creates pieces of an unmatched quality, and her old website did not reflect that. We needed to create a new website that elevated her presence into the luxury wedding market.


It’s always such a pleasure to create a website for such a beautiful line of work. Linda had beautiful branding and stunning photos to work with, and we made the most of them with the new website. Linda was particular and very specific in her feedback, which is so helpful during the creation process. The vision that our initial concept was based on changed as the site evolved. The final product is simple, elegant, and timeless. Her new website showcases her art and positions Flora-ly as THE floral preservation artist to work with.

We also received some great feedback on the new website from peers in the luxury wedding space! Another dream project, and a wonderful client turned friend.


I’ve been riding my whole life, and like to take my horse Lilly out on trail rides behind our house – along with our two goats!

-Emily King, owner